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Some news

Hi guys,

I bring a small update to inform you about what's going on at the moment.

For those who have contacted me, yes I know the live previews aren't working anymore.
Apparently, the paid account for gawariel_design has expired, of which I never got a notification; and the live previews only work with paid accounts. So yeah, I guess you'll have to make do with the image previews for now, as at the moment I can't really afford paying for this LJ. Christmas is looming, which means I have to buy a gazillion presents for all the members of my family, because they refuse to implement the name-system in which one person only buys a present for one other person, by pulling that persons name out of a hat. Nope, my family finds it necessary that everyone buys stuff for everyone, so we mostly end up with junk we do not want, LOL. But that junk still takes a considerable chunk from my wallet :/.

About the commissions, I am slowly, very slowly - to me a snail looks like a Ferrari - making my way down the list. I'm sorry to make you all wait so long, but I promise, I WILL get there. Just, please bear with me :)

And finally, I have a new layout coming up. I hope to post it soon, because it would be silly to post it in a couple of months: it's a holiday-seasons layout.
I was going to post a little sneak preview, but now I decided to just leave you off curious ;)

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