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CLOSED - Request Waiting List

CLOSED as of 11/04/2010
This post is now locked, as is the waiting list. Current request will first be finished before a new post is opened.

These last couple of days I have had several questions about wanting a request and/or being added to the waiting list. Even though it is taking me ages to work my way down the current list, I have decided, due to the number of questions, to open up the waiting list for whoever answers to this entry until a closed sign is added at the top.
The current waiting list contains 13 people, so the first person to answer here will be #14 and so on.

Before you comment, please read the instructions and warnings below the cut!

Someone who wants a commission must:

  1. BE PATIENT: Seriously, you must be real patient. If you want a new LJ layout right now, sito presto, immediately DON'T sign up. As the only free time I have right now are weekends, I can't devote as much time to designing as I used to. Only people who want a layout, but don't mind waiting months and months for it should sign up.

  2. KNOW WHAT THEY WANT: Of course, you do not need to know every detail of the design you want, but PLEASE give me some direction. It's very hard to design something for someone else's taste, so give me some ideas to get me started.

  3. RESPOND TO MY EMAILS WITHIN 10 DAYS: Whenever I send you an email, even if it is to ask you if you still want a commission or to ask your opinion on something, I want to receive an answer from you within 10 days. If I do not get any form or reply within these ten days, your commission will get moved to the end of the line or will get cancelled!

How it works:

  1. First READ this post.
    All the general information can be found there. I'll know when you haven't read the rules! *hinthint*

  2. COMMENT to this entry with your email-address, the name of the LJ you want to have a layout for and other necessary info.

  3. If you comment here BEFORE the closed sign is put up, you'll be added to the END of the WAITING LIST, in the order of the comments received.
    Being on the waiting list means that you will get a commission eventually, with eventually being the key word here. I still have a huge amount of requests to fulfill. PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!
    Keep in mind that even when lots and lots of time has gone by, the waiting list will remain as it is. SO you can view the waiting list as a sort of permanent commission list!

  4. First come = first served (The first person answering here will become #14 on the list!)

  5. You DO NOT have to pay on before hand!
    I only ask for it after the layout is finished completely to your liking. Once I received notification of payment, I send you a .ZIP-file containing the images, code and instructions!

  6. If you want to be removed from the list, let me know ASAP in a comment or email.

  7. I know I'm repeating a lot of things from this post, but some people are hard learners. Notice my annoyance and be warned .

  8. Any questions can also be asked in a comment to this post!

  9. Under any circumstance, DO NOT ask me to move you up on the list or nag me about when I will start your commission! If you can't help yourself, then I'm affraid the effect will be the direct opposite of what you want, if you catch my drift!

  10. Keep track of the progress of the commissions through this post!


The MINIMUM price is $15 for a basic layout with graphics and CSS. I can ask for more if your layout
  • required lots of work
  • contained some difficulties
  • includes user/theme layers

I will only accept payments through paypal. Make the payment to gawariel [ad] gmail [dot] com or use the donate button bellow:

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