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The times they are a-changing

Hello guys!

Again it has been ages since I've last been here, let alone posted something.
I feel like this hobby of mine is slowly slipping away from me. I do not longer make layouts like I used to. I literally have dozens of half finished designs saved on my external HD.
Half finished. I get an idea, start on it with enthusiasm, but then somewhere a long the line I draw a blank and the design is saved and forgotten. It's quite frustrating, really.

The only time when I seem able to actually finish a design, is when I'm doing a commission. Just look at the last couple of commissions I did, I do think there are some beauties there!
And I happen to still have a huge list of commissions waiting for me. I do wish to continue working down the current commissions waiting list, if you guys still want them, if you still feel that I can make you something pretty.

But before you start saying "Yes, yes, YES!", I wish to make an announcement I have been wanting to make for a while. I just never dared, afraid of the reactions, but I can't keep waiting anymore... I still want to make your LJ designs , but I can't do it anymore for only $15, like I have been doing now.
I know, I know, it is hugely unfair of me to decide to augment my price now, but if you are honest, I think you all know that $15 is extremely cheap, compared to the hours and effort I put into designing a layout completely according to your personal wishes. Just surf on the internet a bit to see what other designers ask for a complete custom design, then you'll soon agree with me.

So, I have made some changes to the commissions page to reflect the new prices.
For a regular commission, i.e. what most of you want, namely a Livejournal layout design, I am now charging a minimum of €25 (EUR).

As you can see, I now charge prices in EURO's instead of USD, this because EURO is my currency and means more to me than a USD. I was often quite displeased to see how little $15 actually is in EURO's.
€25 seems to be quite a fair price still, to me.

I fully realize that some of you won't want a commission anymore based on the new prices. I can completely understand that.
So I would like to ask to all the people who are currently listed on my waiting list (you can see the list in the sidebar on the community main page) if they are still interested in a commission or not. Please let me know ASAP by leaving a comment here (comments are screened). I'll be e-mailing each of you as well, as I do realize it is possible you no longer watch this community.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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Thank you!

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to the people who bought some paid time for the community!!! I didn't post the previous entry to beg, so I hope that was not the way it came across. BUT I seriously appreciate it! THANK YOU!!!!

Also thank you to the person or persons who bought the community 20 Blinkie the Ponies

The v-gifts are anonymous, without a message. I seriously hope that the person(s) who did this didn't make a mistake :/

And, I hope to have the new layout up by the end of the week. So, keep your eyes peeled ;)


Some news

Hi guys,

I bring a small update to inform you about what's going on at the moment.

For those who have contacted me, yes I know the live previews aren't working anymore.
Apparently, the paid account for gawariel_design has expired, of which I never got a notification; and the live previews only work with paid accounts. So yeah, I guess you'll have to make do with the image previews for now, as at the moment I can't really afford paying for this LJ. Christmas is looming, which means I have to buy a gazillion presents for all the members of my family, because they refuse to implement the name-system in which one person only buys a present for one other person, by pulling that persons name out of a hat. Nope, my family finds it necessary that everyone buys stuff for everyone, so we mostly end up with junk we do not want, LOL. But that junk still takes a considerable chunk from my wallet :/.

About the commissions, I am slowly, very slowly - to me a snail looks like a Ferrari - making my way down the list. I'm sorry to make you all wait so long, but I promise, I WILL get there. Just, please bear with me :)

And finally, I have a new layout coming up. I hope to post it soon, because it would be silly to post it in a couple of months: it's a holiday-seasons layout.
I was going to post a little sneak preview, but now I decided to just leave you off curious ;)

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#73 - The Bright Side

I'm so out of the process of layout-making. What was once my biggest hobby has now disappeared to the sidelines. I hardly ever open photoshop any more and inspiration on that front has been zero.
I kind of miss creating and designing, but unfortunately life is preventing me to pick it up again as enthusiastically and absorbingly like I once did. It's sad but true.
But, after months and month of no news from me, I finally managed to create a new layout. It's not that original and I'm not as thrilled about sharing this with you like I was with some of my other layouts, but here it is anyway. Enjoy.

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{Bigger} {Live Preview}

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#72 - Veiled Sadness

It's been a while, hasn't it?
The following layout has been sitting unfinished on my laptop since January. I started making it to get my mind of my disappeared cat Billy - who's still is missing by the way :'(. That's why I titled this layout Veiled Sadness.
I finally found some time and some envie to finish this one. Hopefully you'll like it :).

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{Bigger} {Live Preview}

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Community conversion.

First and for all, a Happy New Year to every single one of you! I wish you all a year full of happiness, joy and health.

For me, the year has started a bit depressingly, with the disappearance of my beloved cat Billy, last Sunday. It's been a week since he has been gone and there is no trace of him anywhere. I'm starting to lose hope and I miss him so much :'(

In more relevant community news, I'm thinking about converting this community to an open community.
This means that the post will no longer be members-only and you will have to watch the community instead of joining it.
It seems a lot of people hate joining communities. I never really understood why, you just push a little button and voilà... But whatever, to stop complaints and people commenting on my personal journal to add them, I'm thinking of converting every relevant entry here to an open entry. It will take a lot of time I think, so bear with me while I'm at it.

For now, I suggest that people who joined this community but aren't watching it, but want to stay in the loop of new entries here, better click the watch button to see entries from gawariel_design on their friends page.

ETA: Quicker than I had thought, but all layout and graphic posts should now be open to everyone.
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New community layout

gawariel_design has a new look.
I got sick of the old layout almost a week after I made it, but I refused to start on a new one. Now I finally couldn't help myself anymore ;).

The new layout is fairly straightforward. Not too many frills, just plain and simple. I like it ;)
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More headers for X-mas layout

I was asked if I was going to make matching headers for New Years, so I had a go at that.
Personally, I think I can do better if I can find better images. So you are more than free to post me good pictures in the comments!

Happy New Years!
Happy New Year! (01) Happy New Year! (02)
Happy New Year! (03) Happy New Year! (04)