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The times they are a-changing

Hello guys!

Again it has been ages since I've last been here, let alone posted something.
I feel like this hobby of mine is slowly slipping away from me. I do not longer make layouts like I used to. I literally have dozens of half finished designs saved on my external HD.
Half finished. I get an idea, start on it with enthusiasm, but then somewhere a long the line I draw a blank and the design is saved and forgotten. It's quite frustrating, really.

The only time when I seem able to actually finish a design, is when I'm doing a commission. Just look at the last couple of commissions I did, I do think there are some beauties there!
And I happen to still have a huge list of commissions waiting for me. I do wish to continue working down the current commissions waiting list, if you guys still want them, if you still feel that I can make you something pretty.

But before you start saying "Yes, yes, YES!", I wish to make an announcement I have been wanting to make for a while. I just never dared, afraid of the reactions, but I can't keep waiting anymore... I still want to make your LJ designs , but I can't do it anymore for only $15, like I have been doing now.
I know, I know, it is hugely unfair of me to decide to augment my price now, but if you are honest, I think you all know that $15 is extremely cheap, compared to the hours and effort I put into designing a layout completely according to your personal wishes. Just surf on the internet a bit to see what other designers ask for a complete custom design, then you'll soon agree with me.

So, I have made some changes to the commissions page to reflect the new prices.
For a regular commission, i.e. what most of you want, namely a Livejournal layout design, I am now charging a minimum of €25 (EUR).

As you can see, I now charge prices in EURO's instead of USD, this because EURO is my currency and means more to me than a USD. I was often quite displeased to see how little $15 actually is in EURO's.
€25 seems to be quite a fair price still, to me.

I fully realize that some of you won't want a commission anymore based on the new prices. I can completely understand that.
So I would like to ask to all the people who are currently listed on my waiting list (you can see the list in the sidebar on the community main page) if they are still interested in a commission or not. Please let me know ASAP by leaving a comment here (comments are screened). I'll be e-mailing each of you as well, as I do realize it is possible you no longer watch this community.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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