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#73 - The Bright Side

I'm so out of the process of layout-making. What was once my biggest hobby has now disappeared to the sidelines. I hardly ever open photoshop any more and inspiration on that front has been zero.
I kind of miss creating and designing, but unfortunately life is preventing me to pick it up again as enthusiastically and absorbingly like I once did. It's sad but true.
But, after months and month of no news from me, I finally managed to create a new layout. It's not that original and I'm not as thrilled about sharing this with you like I was with some of my other layouts, but here it is anyway. Enjoy.

Name: The Bright Side
Description: A classy, soft-coloured layout with straight lines for easy blogging.

General Information
Layout Style: Smooth Sailing
Tested in: Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer
Best Resolution: 1024*768 and above
Account Levels: Layout works with all account levels (Basic, Plus, Paid). [How to change add orientation]
Works with Navigation Strip: Yes [How to enable/disable]
Credit: Credit to me is implemented in the footer of the page.

{Bigger} {Live Preview}

Go to Manage: Customize
Select a new Theme:
  • Check the box next to 'Only show themes available to me'
  • Type 'Smooth Sailing' in the Search box
  • Click search
  • Apply any theme
Choose a Page Setup
  • Plus accounts: Choose an Ad placement and save
  • Apply any page setup that you want. The style was designed to use '2 Column (sidebar on left)', but '2 Column (sidebar on right)' or 1 Column (no sidebar) is possible as well.
  • Click 'Customize Selected Theme'
Choose 'Custom CSS' from the menu on the left:
  • Use layout's stylesheets: No
  • Use layout's theme's stylesheet : No
  • Custom external stylesheet URL: Leave empty
  • Custom stylesheet: Paste the codes (given bellow) in the box

Hit 'Save Changes'

Images & Code
The images are uploaded to my own accounts. If you want to avoid bandwidth getting exceeded it is recommended to upload the images to your own server.
If you upload the images to your own account, don't forget to change the URL's in the code!

Paste these codes in the "Custom stylesheet" box.

Before asking any questions, make sure you read all information above thoroughly and that your question isn't adressed in the FAQ.
If your problem still isn't solved, you are welcome to ask your question here.
Tags: layouts, layouts: [s2], layouts: [s2]: smooth sailing, layouts: account status: basic, layouts: account status: paid, layouts: account status: plus, layouts: no sidebar
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